Quad utility desktop organizer

₹ 1350
₹ 735

Silver steel pen-holder is designed elegantly to gift the employees off the company to respect the hustle.it comes with a timeless clock and Card holder to make it a supportive yet Premium Gift decision.

Gift comes with

·    Memo holder, Pen holder,

·    Business card holder

·    And clock. 

Prices vary as per Quantity & Customization, Contact us for Best Quotation.

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  • Silver sticker branding looks good with it.
  • UV branding can also be done in front.

  • Size - 100 x 235 x 20 mm
  • Made of 100% Stainless steel and Personalized with high tech Laser marking.
  • The Laser marking is 100% permanent and will never fade with time.
  • On the product as per your wish.

Remarkable choice of gift